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Hi! Welcome to my question and answer forum.

Please submit your questions and it will be my pleasure; and, I think, my duty  to answer your questions to the best of my ability.  I will post some of your questions on this page with my answers so that others can participate and hopefully we can all learn something together. 

Of course it will probably not be possible for me to answer everyone's questions individually so that's another reason I am hoping to post some online here that will also educate and answer a lot of people's questions at once.

I believe that nothing should be off-limits to ask nor for me to answer.  So, if there's something  you've always wanted to know about transsexuals, I am providing a safe non-threatening place for you to ask anything your hearts desire.  Everyone is welcome!!!!   



Mark from San Diego asks, What is the difference between a shemale and a transsexual?

Hello Mark, Unfortunately the word shemale has become a most hated term to most of us.  We have the adult porn industry to thank for this term.  Most transgendered girls  feel the term is just downright degrading.  This becomes really obvious when you visit a transgendered chatroom and watch what happens when the occasional guy comes into the chatroom asking where the "shemales" are.  Most of them are ignored completely or actually banned from the room by transgendered monitors.  A transsexual is a person who strongly believes they were born the wrong sex.  In the past if they told someone or were "found out," they were labeled as "deviant," or "mental cases."  Now due to a change in society being more accepting to diversity in people, reassignment and hormone therapy are readily and openly available as is gender reassignment surgery.  In recent years, the term "Transgendered" has become the most acceptable term as it refers to a broader group of people who believe it to be less insulting and more politically correct.  Of course, my site and others like it use the term "shemale" because it is such a popular "search" word on the internet and we are trying to capture people to come to our sites.  So, to make a long story short, you should probably let others choose what label they prefer or even ask them, but you probably can't go wrong by using the term transgender or transsexual.  

Pauline from Waynesville, NC asks, Do you enjoy being a shemale  model?

Hello Pauline,  I absolutely love being a shemale model!  I have become very comfortable with who I am and I believe I have captured the person I was born to be.  Putting myself out there as an adult model on the internet validates my identity to myself in a big way.  Not only that, I get to meet a lot of wonderful people who add value to my life and so I hope I can give back a little of my happiness by using this site as a place to share and help others.

Sheila from New Orleans asks, Do you have any advice for a T-Girl who is just getting started in her transition?

Greetings Sheila, This question seems simple at first glance but the answer is very complicated.  I recommend that you have a very strong support network in place prior to beginning transition. A qualified psychotherapist can provide a great deal of help with many of  the challenges you will face.  They may also be able to provide referrals to physicians, electrolysis, etc.  A solid financial plan is also a must.  It is always nice if you have the support of your family and friends.  I recommend that you search for local transgender support groups and look to online support such as The Transgender Guide.  I wish you the best of luck for a successful and happy transition.  

Ginger from Chicago, IL, asksDo you intend to have surgery to complete your transformation?

Ginger, I will probably not have surgery.  I am on hormone replacement therapy and I believe I have become the female I was meant to be.   I am happy with the changes I have achieved, but I really do not foresee surgery for me.  I have often considered surgical gender reassignment as an option, but so far, I'm content with life and I enjoy myself as I am now.

Carol from Houston asks, Do you date guys, girls or both?

Hi Carol, I primarily date guys, but I've been known to date a girl or two, and I've also dated other transgendered grrls, but that tends to get kind of confusing. You'll find that transgendered grrls each have their own preferences. While I consider myself to be bisexual, many consider themselves to be straight, gay or lesbian. It's about as clear as mud, huh?

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